Objective: To share the love of Christ and to preach about our Lord to the people who out of the reach of the Church and the needy.

Outreach Programs:
House Visit: Every single family of the Church is being visited at least once in a year to personally know about their welfare, problems and to share the brotherly hood at times of Joy and sorrows as Committee members.

Frequency: Monday and Wednesday every week at 7.00PM

Labor Camp Ministry: Visit those in labor camps, irrespective of the members of the Church and share the God’s word with them. At times they are also advised and suggested of the necessity of welfare. At present there are two camps where visits are conducted, Isa Town and Muharraq Camps.

Timing: Tuesday every week at 7.00PM

Hospital Visits: Board Members visit and pray for the Sick and the needy especially any Church member or family who are not well.

Financial and Material support: Local charity is one of BTCC’s main objectives and the Church supports organizations which are run by charity only.

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