BTCC Children’s Bible School
“Let the little Children come unto me”, Mark 10:14 NIV

Mission Statement:
The purpose of BTCC Children’s Bible School is to help your child come to experience, love & follow Jesus. During worship service on Fridays the children under 17 years are given with Bible lesson classes separately in the Children’s Bible school which is conducted from 6.00 PM to 7.15 PM.

Experience: In each Bible school class, your child will learn age appropriate Bible stories. He/she will meet Jesus Christ and encounter His love which is the central theme throughout the Bible. Your child will also grow in prayer and worship. Love: Each class encourages your child to apply Bible learning to his life. The goal of Bible teaching is to help and understand and live a joyful life by adopting His values of love and care for others.

Children’s Bible School materials are: 

Christ Centered – Every lesson shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ as our promise of salvation and the power of living.

Bible Based – Over the course of three years, students learn the best loved Bible stories for a firm faith foundation. Life Directed – Hands on lessons and activities prepare students for the time they spend outside of Church School, helping them put their faith into practice in all situations.

Family Connected – Consistent Bible lessons for all levels along with take home materials encourage faith-building that involves the whole family.

Children's BibleSchool Events

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